You are the Power

It’s never too late overcome.

Finish your primary and secondary schooling.

Invite your friends and family to learn to read and write.

In collaboration with the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA in spanish) of the Mexican government, Tú eres Poder is inviting you to you finish you primary and / or secondary education. You can also invite your family or friends to learn to read and write.

Hours are very flexible, and are arranged to work around your employment needs. There’s a school near you!

Our Service is 100% Free!


These courses that will help you complete your education are absolutely free.

Visit the INEA to learn how you can finish your primary or secondary education, how your family and friends can learn how to read or write, or how you can participate by teaching others.

What INEA community center is near you in the US?

Click here to locate the nearest community center to you.

Do you have more questions about Tú eres Poder?

Click HERE to contact us.

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