Circle of Health

Pay him to your family in Mexico your medications!

Save your money with peace of mind that you are giving health.

Now you can help your family in Mexico for the money you send them, they go to a pharmacy Circle Health and practically get what they need to stay in good health or control any conditions.

Many laboratories are participating with us so come to know more about our promotions.

Circle Health is a service offered by Nadro SA de CV

Circle of Health gives you and your family great advantages in 1,500 pharmacies in Mexico.


You’re Through America goes to a branch of GO Corp and that you can tag an amount of money that your family will change for drugs in Mexico. Once you tell the cashier that will command an amount for the program Health Circle, you will receive a ticket and your family a copy. With this copy them will be presented at any of the 1,500 pharmacies in your locality and affiliates only have to present there to receive specific drugs they need, without paying anything extra.

Learn more Health Circle clicking HERE.

  • saludfamiliarSalud familiar
  • farmaciapracticaFarmacia práctica
  • 15001500 farmacias participantes
  • laboratorioAmplio catálogo de laboratorios
  • remesasaludableRemesas saludables
  • Medicamentos confiables

Not only we give you choices of Health, also:

  • We offer FREE Phone Calls.
  • Coupons DISCOUNT on more than 8000 stores in Mexico.
  • A SMART ACCOUNT that allows you to SAVE and CARE for your money.
  • Repatriation of a body to Mexico WITH ALL paperwork facts.
  • This and MUCH MORE.

Because Tú eres América.

Únete y obtén increíbles beneficios!

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